The History Starvation Flats Ranch

The first residents of Bear Valley were Serrano Indian, which means "mountaineers." These native Americans are thought to be Shoshonean by descent and probably migrated to the area some 3,000 years ago.

In 1845 Don Benito Wilson rode into Bear Valley with a team of 22 men in search of Indian raiders and cattle rustlers. They found the valley filled with grizzly bears which is how the valley got its name.

Gold mining began in the winter of 1859, in the immediate vicinity of Starvation Flats Ranch. Four gold mines can be found directly behind our property and the original supply path for the heavily burdened burros leads directly across the stream running through our property.

The two antique wagons on the property date back to 1850. One is a light load wagon and the other for heavy loads. One wagon was made by Studebaker and the other by John Deere.

More information is available at the Bear Valley Museum, which is located across the street from the east end of Bear City Airport.


Starvation Flats Ranch Today

Starvation Flats Ranch is the only legal horse property in the vicinity.

With 2.5 acres of nearly level forest, the property is certainly horse-friendly. Whether leading the grandchildren around the grounds or saddling up for a more robust adventure ... this is a great location.

We have a 100' x 75' pipe arena in the front that can accommodate several horses. We have two pipe corrals in the back ... 50' x 25' and 25' x 25'. Fresh water is available front and back and we provide water barrels.

Along with the original outhouse (for looks only!) . . . we have a feed storage shed and tack room. The property is easily accessible to horse trailers with ample parking and easy turn around.

The ranch property backs up to the eagle habitat and has the only trail up the mountain . . . just across our seasonal stream. Nice hiking, too!

Holcomb Valley, known for its historic gold mining sites and wonderful camping spots, offers some outstanding equestrian trails and is only 6 miles away (approximately 3 miles of dirt road up Van Dusen Canyon).

If you bring your horse, we ask that you sign a liability waiver and the fee is $10.00 per night per horse.

Please note that we move our horses off the property during your stay to make it available for your exclusive use.

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